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Link Story

Link Story

Link Apartments®: Thoughtfully Crafted Living Spaces Connecting Community, Innovation, and Sustainable Lifestyles

Link Apartments® is not just a place to live; it's a thoughtfully crafted living experience designed for you. As a resident, you'll find yourself in a community that prioritizes your well-being, connection to others, and a sustainable lifestyle. From strategically located homes near essential hubs to a commitment to social consciousness through volunteering, Link Apartments® ensures you have a comfortable home and a vibrant community where you can thrive. With innovative designs, high-end amenities, and a focus on green living, Link Apartments® offers a unique and enjoyable living experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Welcome to a home where your comfort, connection, and well-being are at the heart of everything we do.

a large building with a mural on the side of it

Connected to Local Arts + Culture

Link Apartments® NoDa 36th seamlessly integrates into the vibrant local arts and culture scene by featuring art installations honoring the legacy of Herrin Coal + Ice, the former occupant of the property, while fostering community engagement through strategic partnerships with local businesses for events and outreach initiatives.

NoDa Cloud Wall

The NoDa Cloud Wall serves as a collective canvas, capturing the aspirations and wishes of NoDa residents within its vibrant tapestry and symbolizing a shared identity and the artistic spirit that defines our neighborhood. The NoDa Cloud Wall is a tangible representation of our voices and dreams, fostering a sense of unity and pride in the rich cultural heritage of this dynamic community.

Green Initiatives

Our commitment to responsible development means intelligently designed units, repurposed materials, ENERGY Star® appliances, LED lighting, and electric vehicle chargers, ensuring a sustainable, eco-friendly living experience with the prestigious NGBS Registration for Link Apartments® NoDa 36thSustainable living is central to the vision of Link Apartments® NODA 36th. Home Innovation Research Labs certified this community as meeting the National Green Building Standard (NGBS), which goes far beyond just claiming a building is green. NGBS certification requires independent, third-party verification that the community is developed, built, and operated far above typical building code. This comprehensive green design benefits residents with a healthier home, lower costs, and access to a more sustainable lifestyle.

a kitchen with black and white cabinets and stainless steel appliances


  • Low/No-VOC materials
  • Enhanced air pollution prevention measures
  • High-performance HVAC, lighting, and building envelope
  • High-efficiency water fixtures
  • ENERGY STAR® certified appliances
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • State-of-the-art bike storage and repair workstation
a courtyard with tables and chairs in the middle of an apartment building


  • Redevelopment and improvement of an urban infill site
  • Drought-resistant, regionally appropriate landscaping
  • Reflective roof reduces urban heat island effect
  • Designated recycling locations

Long-Term Hold + Efficient Design

Efficient living at Link Apartments® NoDa 36th translates to maximized spaces for you while contributing to a more seamless and cost-effective lifestyle. Grubb Properties' commitment to long-term management ensures that these benefits are sustained, reflecting a dedication to providing a high-quality and enduring living experience at Link Apartments® NoDa 36th in Charlotte, NC

a kitchen with stainless steel appliances and white cabinets


Efficient floor plans benefit you by maximizing usable space, reducing energy consumption, and ultimately enhancing the overall living experience in a thoughtfully designed environment.

a bedroom with a bed and a ceiling fan


New apartments designed by a dedicated development team that prioritizes your motivations, ensuring thoughtful and personalized spaces that cater to your lifestyle and needs.

a gym with weights and other exercise equipment and a ball on the floor


Incomparable fitness offerings including a state-of-the-art fitness center, high-intensity training options, and cycle center with a repair station, providing residents with a comprehensive and convenient approach to their well-being.

a swimming pool in the middle of an apartment building


Amenities curated with NoDa art and offerings such as local coffee and a health-focused saltwater pool, are designed to foster community while inspiring you in every aspect of your living experience.

a small dog is being washed in a grooming chair

Pet-Friendly Living in NoDa

Living at Link Apartments® NoDa 36th in the vibrant NoDa community is an ideal choice for pet lovers, offering tailored pet amenities and a lively location that creates the perfect lifestyle for you and your furry companions. Embrace the unparalleled pet-friendly atmosphere, where the community not only welcomes your pets but actively enhances their well-being, making Link Apartments® NoDa 36th an exceptional choice for those who value a pet-friendly living experience in Charlotte, NC.

Pet Amenities

  • Pet Wash with Professional Grade Dryer
  • Walking Distance to NoDa Breweries and the Little Sugar Creek Greenway
  • Pet Socials + Yappy Hours
  • Friendly Leasing Team with Treats


LIVE VIDEO TOUR: Tour your dream apartment community on your own time with one of our helpful agents available to answer any questions. Contact us to schedule and learn more about hard hat tours!

360° VIRTUAL TOUR: Imagine relaxing by our saltwater pool or reaching your goals in our high-intensity cardio + strength center. Take a virtual tour to explore our NoDa community!